create(MediaCollection, SearchParameters...)


Vector create(MediaCollection mediaCollection, SearchParameters parameters,double threshold,int minimumClusterSize) throws EveException


Use this method to generate a Visual Vocabulary for a images based on the values defined for the parameters. If you want to generate a visual vocabulary for a specific subset or series of images, use the method, create(MediaCollection, long[], SearchParameters, double, int).


mediaCollection - the MediaCollection for which you want to build a Visual Vocabulary


parameters - the SearchParameters object containing the arguments for the search


threshold - a value (0-100) that determines how similar an image must be to appear within a group in the vocabulary. A high threshold means images must be very similar. A low threshold relaxes the criteria. For example, if you set this value to 90, then images that are 90% visually similar are organized within the same group.


minimumClusterSize - (0-10) the value that determines the minimum size of the groups in which visually similar images (based on the threshold value) are organized. For example, the lower the value, the more groups that are created and the less images that appear within those groups; the higher the value, the less groups that are created and the more images that appear within those groups.


For large databases of images, we recommend using a higher number for the value of this parameter.


nothing (void)


The create() throws an Exception if an error occurs while the MediaCollection is being created.