String[] getMetadataValues(String key) throws EveException


String[]getMetadataValues(String key,CommandList beforeMethods,CommandList afterMethods) throws EveException


Returns all the unique values for the key you specify in the MediaCollection. For example, you can find that one Key is "Color", and ask for the values under "Color". You might get back "Blue", "Red", and "Brown". Then you can get all of the names of the images that have a value of "Red".


key — the name of the key containing the values you want to retrieve


CommandList beforeMethods — indicates that you want to run a command method(s) before the method is invoked


CommandList afterMethods — indicates that you want to run a command method(s) after the method is executed


an array of strings containing the values of all the MediaCollection’s metadata keys


The getMetadataValues() method throws an EveException if the retrieval fails.