This class provides a way to override all of the system defaults established in the Eve.properties file. This can be useful, for instance, to allow you to take advantage of multiple databases and object stores. eVe is storage-independent, meaning that you can store each of your MediaCollections in databases or in files on disk, and all methods will access them in exactly the same way.


If all of your MediaCollections are stored in one place, such as a local database or filesystem, and the other system defaults work well for your application, you need not concern yourself with EveContext. In that case, you simply record your connection details in Eve.properties and let the system handle the rest.


However, if you need to access objects stored in more than one location, you need to use an EveContext object to override the settings in Eve.properties to direct your method to the appropriate storage location.


See the Installation Guide for more information on the Eve.properties file, which includes an explanation of each of the properties that you can set in an EveContext object.


To create a new EveContext object, you subclass EveContext directly: