search (MediaObject, SearchParameters, MediaObject[])


SearchResults[] search(MediaObject eve,SearchParameters parameters,
MediaObject target[]) throws EveException


SearchResults[] search(MediaObject eve,SearchParameters parameters,MediaObject target[], CommandList beforeMethods,CommandList afterMethods) throws EveException


Performs a search against a list of MediaObjects, using the given MediaObject and search parameters. For more information on SearchParameters objects, see the SearchParameters section.


eve - the MediaObject to use as the source image for the search


parameters - the SearchParameters object containing the arguments to the search


target - the list of MediaObjects against which to perform the search


CommandList beforeMethods — indicates that you want to run a command method(s) before the method is invoked


CommandList afterMethods — indicates that you want to run a command method(s) after the method is executed


an array of SearchResults objects


The search() method throws an EveException if the search fails.