The Basic Visual Search Demo


This online demo lets you try out the eVe Visual Search technology using a sample set of real data. You can visually search on 5 categories of images: Clothes, Jewelry, Medical, Sunsets and Textures.


Note: This demo is just one possible example and one possible interface using eVe. Search Engines, Digital Asset Management systems and software developers can use the eVe SDK to create their own custom implementations.


Click here to open the demo in a new window,  

then follow the instructions below.

To use the eVe demo:

1. Select a Category. You will be presented with a Visual Vocabulary for that category as well as a random set of images that are in that category.


2. Set the Threshold. Threshold determines how similar an image must be to appear in the search results. A high threshold means images must be very similar. A low threshold relaxes the criteria.


3. Zero in. Select a Visual Vocabulary element or one of the search results and Zero In to refine your search.