The Visual Search Using Visual Vocabulary Demo


This online demo uses the same interface as the basic demo, however it searches from a database of over 700 uncategorized images that cover a diverse range of space-related objects, scenes, spacecraft, and people.


Note: This demo is just one possible example and one possible interface using eVe. Search Engines, Digital Asset Management systems, and software developers can use the eVe SDK to create their own custom implementations.


Click here to open the demo in a new window,  

then follow the instructions below.

To use the eVe demo:

1. Select a Visual Vocabulary Element. You will be presented with a Visual Vocabulary of space related items. Select a visual vocabulary item to begin the search.


2. Set the Threshold. Threshold determines how similar an image must be to appear in the search results. A high threshold means images must be very similar. A low threshold relaxes the criteria.


3. Zero in. From the search results, click Zero In to refine your search.