Refining a Search


Your first set of search results may not contain exactly what you want. If this is the case, you'll need to refine your results.


The following code:


opens a MediaCollection

gets a list of keys from the collection

does a random search

resubmits the fifth item in the result set for another search using the same parameters


// make a new MediaCollection object

MediaCollection mc = (MediaCollection) Eve.newMediaCollection();


{ (directoryName);


catch (Exception e)


    // handle the exception



// Get a list of keys from the collection

long keys[] = mediaCollection.getKeys();


// Use the third key entry to get a source MediaObject

MediaObject source = mediaCollection.getMediaObject (keys[2]);

// Use this source object for a 50% color/50% region search

SearchParameters parameters = Eve.newSearchParameters();

parameters.setSearch (Eve.COLOR, true, 0.5);

parameters.setSearch (Eve.REGION, true, 0.5);


// Perform the search

SearchResults results[] = source, parameters );


// To refine the search (for example, to select other entries),

// simply resubmit with one of the previous results

SearchResults refinedResults[] =[4],parameters);