The web demo uses eVe’s visual search technology to enable users to search and retrieve images from a sample set of real data. Users can visually search on five categories of images: Clothes, Jewelry, Medical, Sunsets, and Textures.



To run the eVe demo:

Point your web browser to http://www.evisionglobal.com/tech/basic_demo.html.

Follow the onscreen instructions.


Note: We recommend you run the eVe demo before continuing with this section.


The eVe web demo is a Java servlet-based web application where servlets are used to:




Java servlets on the webserver use the eVe SDK toolkit to perform the visual searches. The three main classes from the toolkit used by the Java servlets are:



See the following section, eVe Interfaces Used in eVe Demo, for information about the eVe interfaces and methods used in the demo.