Searching on a Result Set


To perform a visual search on an image from a search result:


1. After selecting a category, select the image attribute upon which you want to search. The four attributes upon which you can search include color, shape, texture, and object:



Note: In the sample application, you can select one attribute upon which to search only. When using the full eVe SDK to add visual search functionality to an application, you can enable users to define a combination of attributes upon which to search.


2. Select a threshold for the search from the Threshold drop-down list. The value you select for the threshold determines what degree of visual similarity that the search should use as criteria when retrieving/comparing images. A high threshold means images must be very similar, thus fewer images are retrieved from the search; a low threshold relaxes the criteria, thus more images are retrieved from the search.


3. Click Zero In under an image in the Search Results section to initiate the search. The results of the search are displayed.