Using the Sample Application


After you successfully install eVe, you can use the included sample application to view and interact with an implementation of its API. This application lets you try out the eVe Visual Search technology using a sample set of real data. Within the application, you can visually search on five categories of images: Clothes, Jewelry, Medical, Sunsets, and Textures.


Note: The sample application is not a supported product. It is intended to provide you with a working model from which you can build an actual application for your organization. For example, not all buttons work in the sample application—they are included simply to give you ideas of the possible ways you can implement and initiate searches within eVe’s framework.


Click on any of the following links to learn more about how to use the eVe sample application:


 Getting Started


 Initiating Searches


 Performing Searches


 Adding Categories and Images


 Creating a Visual Vocabulary


 Window Description