What is?


eVe™ (eVision Visual Engine) is a content-based visual information retrieval engine that can be seamlessly integrated into and extend the functionality of text-based visual search engines. It  is a true content-based search product that adds visual dimension to text. eVe combines an intelligent scalable infrastructure to acquire, process, and manage visual assets with the ability to develop intuitive user interfaces that work the way people think.


Using eVe, creators and users of media can enable their customers to rapidly find the desired target products (for an e-Business) or assets (for media asset management) using visual media and fewer clicks. When eVe is integrated within an application, a user of that application simply chooses an example query image and starts searching your databases. eVe can search all your media databases and return a set of sorted images and videos based on visual similarity and relevancy to the original query image.


Why is eVe Unique?


What is the eVe SDK?