Store eVe Information


eVe provides you with three options for storing its index and image information: flat files (default), ObjectStore, and Oracle.

Using Flat Files

Flat files are the default storage location for eVe index and image information. If you accept this default, you do not need to perform any further configuration.

Using ObjectStore

If you want to store eVe index and image information in ObjectStore, perform the following steps:


  1. Purchase ObjectStore from Object Design (

  2. Inform eVision that you will use ObjectStore to store eVe index and image information. You can contact eVision at

  3. Edit the file appropriately. See the The File section for configuration instructions.

Using Oracle

Read this section if you plan to store eVe’s index and image information within Oracle.


NOTE · You need to be an administrator of the database to perform these steps. If you do not have sufficient access rights to create tables in the database to which you wish to connect, have your database administrator perform the following steps.


COMPATIBILITY NOTE · The eVe system has been tested to be compatible with Oracle 8.1.6.


To set up your database, you must create five tables:







More information about how to configure your database will be available in an upcoming version of this guide.