Verify the Installation


The eVe SDK comes with a sample GUI application that allows you to create and manipulate MediaCollections, analyze images, and perform searches. The application and its source code are located in the \com\evisionglobal\eve\sample directory.


Please note that the sample application included with the SDK is not a supported product. It is intended only to give you a working model from which you might build an actual product. For instance, not all buttons work in the sample application. The application is included simply to give you ideas of what might be done.


Once you have installed the SDK and optionally configured your database, you can run the sample application to verify the SDK is installed and configured correctly.

To run the sample application:

Depending on your operating system, perform the following:







2. Use the functions of the sample application to familiarize yourself with eVe's functionality.


3. To exit the sample application, close its window or select File > Exit.