Install the eVe SDK Under Mac OS X


Perform the steps in the section if you are installing the eVe SDK under Mac OS X.

To install the eVe SDK under Mac OS X:

1. Insert the eVe SDK installation CD into the machine on which you are installing. If you downloaded the eVe SDK from the eVision web site, continue to the next step.


2. Start a command line session and change your current directory to installs/Mac_OS_X on the CD or to the location where you downloaded eVe.


3. Issue the following command:


java -cp install


      The installer displays a progress bar and displays the Introduction window.


4. Click Next to continue. The License Agreement window appears.


5. Read the terms of the license agreement. If you agree to the terms, continue to the next step. If you do not agree to the terms, click Cancel to exit the installation program.


6. Select the radio button next to the I accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next. A window containing important installation information appears.


7. Click Next. The Choose Install Folder window appears.


8. Enter the path to the directory where you want to install eVe in the Where Would You Like to Install text box. Click Choose... to visually select the installation directory.


9. Click Next. The Choose Product Features window appears. Use this window to determine what eVe components to install:




10. Click Next. The Choose Shortcut Folder appears.


11. Click the option button that indicates where you want to create application aliases.  


Note: The installation program does not create aliases for eVe programs on the desktop. See the following section, To add aliases for eVe to the desktop, for instructions on how to do this.


12. Click Next. The Important Information window appears.


13. Read the information in this window.


14. Click Next. The Choose Java Virtual Machine window appears.


15. Select the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) you wish to use.








16. Click Install to confirm your selection and install the SDK and JVM. The installer copies the necessary files to your computer and performs some configuration operations. When the install procedure is complete, the Install Complete windows appear.


17. Click Next. The System Environment Changed window appears.


18. Click Done to exit the installer. After the installation has completed, you might need to edit the file to finish configuring your system. See The File section for information about this file.


19. To complete the installation, restart your computer or log off and log back in.


To add aliases for eVe to the Mac OS X desktop

Perform the following steps to add aliases on your desktop for the eVe sample application and uninstall program.


1. Start a command line session.


2. To create an alias on your desktop for the sample application, type the following in the command line and press Enter:


ln path/sample/ name_of_alias






An example command line for creating a desktop icon for the sample application might read:


ln /usr/local/com/evisionglobal/eve/sample/ eVeSampleApp


3. To create a link location on your desktop for the uninstall program, type the following in the command line and press Enter:


ln path/Uninstall/Uninstall_eVe3_[eVe_version_info] name_of_link_location







An example command line for creating a desktop icon for the uninstall program might read:


ln usr/local/com/UninstallerData_eVe3_[Source_36_Installer_0901] eVeUninstall